Thursday, January 12, 2012

Corner View - Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New

Are you superstitious?  I am married to a "very modern" Man with the exception

(Photo: by the fabulous Johanna Flyckt)

that he has completely taken on board and never relinquished the "full Monty" of English superstitions:  no ivy in the house please, the terror of broken mirrors, if you spill salt you have to throw some over your shoulder, and........ALL CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS DOWN BY THE TWELFTH NIGHT!  

We are also not a religious household, but we have had casual flirtations with other peoples' religions.  A little token from a Japanese scholars' shrine still hangs from our rear view mirror....I cannot say that it did NOT bring us good luck....because once it seems to have done.

On November 29, 2011 I brought this guy back from the Flea Market.  I really wasn't sure at all I should have brought him home.  As much as I find other images of Ganesh quite charming, this one is just the tiniest bit ugly where the eyes join up with the nose.  And I thought, as much as I love the colors, I really don't need another flimsy bit of paper, cluttering up my house.  And the frame is not really a's very sort of home made.  And also flimsy........

But Ganesh is the Hindu God of Success and Auspicious New Beginnings.  Could you believe in him?  Especially if you thought that he could bring you something that you wanted terribly terribly?  Isn't this just about the time of year for Auspicious New Beginnings?  What do you say?  

Out with the old, in with the new?  I do!  Watch this space!

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  1. Ganesha! We have a little one in Petit Caramel's room!

  2. I never heard of the ivy superstition, and I'm concerned: we're surrounded by ivy covered walls (out, not in the house) - could this be a problem?! :)

  3. Me religious? Not. Oh but those superstitions... I'm typing this while a xeroxed "house god" is taped on a wall in front of me. Go figure!

    I am watching this space!

  4. Funny how flea markets are oftn where spouses hold their sway. Superstitions? Life would be boring without them. Someone told me once to never turn away from luck.
    I am staying tuned for the next suspenseful episode!