Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Sunshine? More Sunset Boulevard?

Thanks everybody for your nice comments on the walks.  So glad you liked them!  Shall we resume the sunny adventure?

Anybody ever seen the Laurel Hardy Movie, the Music Box?  These are the stairs it was filmed on.  It has changed a little since then.

At the bottom of the hill, you will still find "pink palaces" but on "the Flats" they are usually inhabited by many families, not just one.  A native of L.A., like my neighbor Bobbi, might tell you that in Los Angeles, it has always been that way -  the rich people live in "the Hills" and the poor people live on "the Flats".  

This sweet little alleyway is named for, I'm guessing, a Latino family.  Along it are teeny little houses with yards full of roses and songbirds.  

When you come out in the end you find yourself in a very colorful world.  Angelenos seem to take great pride and pleasure in their cityscapes.  

Whether by accident or by design, "color is better".

This is a very latino stretch of the roadway.  But then think about it - "Los Angeles"?  Why shouldn't it be?

I am not always crazy about graffiti, but (since the discovery of those groovy German spray paints in fab colors - I guess), the standard of graffiti has unquestionably improved.  I like this one alot.  The graffiti seems slowly to be morphing into mural art - very consistent with the Mexican tradition.

Don't let this fool you - you're still in L.A.

Despite the New York style security system.

Coming along this stretch always puts me in a celebratory mood.  What's cheerier at the end of a sunny week than a long neck bottle of Dos Equis and a big pile of tortilla chips?  (CRUNCH/SWOOSH.)

I guess since I'm an artist, I'm able to find a little art wherever I go.  How about this color-block abstraction?  Any gangstas out there?  Am I missing some significance in shoes abandoned next to a "hoodlums" tag?  (They do make for a more dramatic art piece, no?)

Should I just leave that whole conversation alone?  

And concentrate on the sunshine?  Did you like Part II of the walk?  Where to next?


  1. Oh yes, this part II is great. Very exotic and colorful (especially the first 3 pictures). I love the ad with the skull on the wall: amazing (so Mexican)!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this...and do I have to say it...KEEP GOING! This is fantastic. Three cheers for the color, innovation, art, AND humor of LA!

    p.s. I am an alleyway junkie, that's a magical one.

  3. so colorful ... here these days everything is in black & white !!

  4. Fantastic! It just make me want to wear a t-shirt and let go of all the lawyers needed here with the cold. But the sun is our today, and the sky that beautiful blue so typical of Ctr Asia. Your photos always make me feel so good. Thanks!

  5. How fun! I love strolls like this, seeing your neighborhood in such a unique way. :-)

  6. Glad i didn't miss out on this walk mlle p....
    never knew what would come into view next. And you narrative... you make me want to grab a cheep fare Ice noticed to LA lately and come see for myself... and try a little of the good mexican cuisine on offer!

  7. The east-west streets in the Sunset are for the most part in alphabetical order.Consecutive days of sunshine are quite rare at this time.

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  8. Fantastic post. Loved walking with you. These are the things you only see if you are there - rarely on a tv programme or a film. And I'm with Menthe Blanche, the skull advertisement is great.