Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Street London - Kings Road at Christmas

I almost always go to the Kings Road in Chelsea to shop when I am in London.  It's fizzy, pretty, intimate, there are more than enough choices for shopping and there are many fewer crowds than you would find at Harrods, Oxford, or Regent Street.

I love the way the put little Christmas trees up the lightpoles and against the buildings.

Does your local l'Occitane serve champagne?  Why ever not?

I like the King's Road because a cozy pub is never far away.

Fashion trends spotted?  Hmmmmm......Girls dressed like lumberjacks or Ernest Hemingway?  (Actually it's a look I like!)  And of course dressing like Zelda Fitzgerald never goes out of fashion.  

60's Dolly Bird?

Deer, or (Fleet) Foxes (????)

School crossing guards?  Or maybe this isn't fashion but just a sensible old-fashioned way of ensuring you're seen on the roadway on your bike.  

And who can tell me more about the Asian girls' style (no pictures, sorry!) of dressing like "The Railway Children". Anyone dressing like this where you are?

Did I miss the Corner View again????????   Sorry we've had company!  


  1. Kings Road reminds me of my first trips to London in the early-mid 80's. The exchange rate was amazing and so I shopped! Lots of flat shoes with leggings, funny how fashion has come around .... oh sigh.... I loved Kings Road and made it my temporary hang out, loved how hip it was. Thanks for the memory MP... Oh dear...another sigh....

  2. another sigh here too... london tragics all of us it seems....missing it lots!

  3. thank you for the king's road.
    i'm patiently awaiting october, when i will go roaming...
    that's an awful long way away....