Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday Bites - Cocoa Loco

When it comes to dessert, are you a chocolat-ey person?

 via Bohemian Wornest, this and below

I have to say, especially if we're talking goodies at mid-day, I would almost ALWAYS go for chocolate.

If it's evening, after a big meal, something a tidge fruitier or, a nice panna cotta would go down a treat.

But have I mentioned how much I like CAKE?!!!!!!!??????  Why don't they serve more cake in restaurants in America?  


  1. Hello! Oh loving all of them... I had to skim quickly it made me feel so isolated here in Central Asia!
    As you may know I closed CaramelCaramelo because I thought it was only fair as Caramelo approaches his third birthday. He should have a say on what may be said about him.
    Anyway, I have retained La Tulipe and I will change it a bit with adding photos, arts, what goes through my head (not always fascinating I know!) and of course cooking. I hope you shall visit!
    Biz et biz!

  2. they looks delicious all tree ... but I almost always choose something with chocolate :)

  3. For me I am definitely a chocolate person, but not really a pudding person. In the office it gets to 4 and someone just automatically does the chocolate run.
    Just celebrated Chinese New Year, and hopefully eaten my way to lots of luck and prosperity!
    Happy New Year! xx

  4. Yes!! I adore chocolate, especially as a smooth truffley tart. :-) And cake too! But REAL cake, moist and dense and buttery. Sigh, I want some now please. :-)

  5. I don't like chocolate (I know, I know - think of my poor kids! Three poor kids deprived of chocolate because their mother never thinks of buying it!)(I actually do ... occasionally), and I'm not a dessert person either. I'm more of a salami and red wine kind of person!:):)

  6. hi sweet mamzelle... how are you doing? i have to say, i haven't been around either! and look what a welcome now, here. cake! let's share a slice!
    wishing you a very impressive, cheery 2012.
    we'll meet. again.

  7. Oh I am glad I didn't miss this ....
    I was in a cafe in the city this morning for a LONG meeting... the cake affair they had going was excellent...I was too preoccupied to partake , instead drinking coffees and having toast on this very wet day. BUt now I know somewhere worth going back too.
    They has a choc tart not unlike yours that looked divine.

    You're right about that time of day thing! Somethings are exquisite at a certain time and not others.