Monday, January 30, 2012

The Kitchen Reveal - Ta-Daaaa!

Remember my post about orange and grey?  And my kitchen project???????

So ask me if I feel sheepish?  (This was the original situation:  all white walls, an alcove bench upholstered in an orange windowpane check that I would NEVER EVER have chosen for myself.  We inherited a red formica table with the house that was really too big for the space, and which tipped right over if you put too much stuff on one end or the other of it.  There was a dead wall that never really seemed happy with anything that I hung on it.  And instead just collected refuse from whatever other household project was pending.  Oh did I mention the seriously grimy also inherited pendant lamp?) 

I DO feel sheepish!  It's taken me over six months to show you this!  I started painting in June!

Shall I say it was a story of stools and art walls?  My original idea was for those aluminum stools on the left.  But they didn't go on sale until November!  I tried to make do with CB2 stools spray painted colors that were not grey, because the right grey was not to be found.  But I do prefer the gleam of the aluminum, so I'm glad they ultimately became available at the right price, and now with four stools a small group can gather on either sides of the counter for pancakes and coffee.  Ikea pendant - a cliche, but so pretty and ingenious (inexpensive!) and it echoes the "stripes"of the stool backs.

And the art wall??????  SO HARD!  This one went through four iterations before it settled into this.  I did enjoy making my poufy pinboard which Mr. Paradis frowned upon.  He thought it was not in keeping with the clean neutral spirit of the room.  A little too granny chic.  So says he.  (But there are hints of orange in it - subtle ones.)  I WAS and AM very thrilled to bits to incorporate Suzanne's wonderful panthers, who's happy tangle I get to gaze upon daily.

Well.......I was inspired by this.  Which actually, I find a little TOO grey now.  And I'd still love to figure out a way to showcase white dishes in this room.  But living in an earthquake zone......I might have to spend a little longer brainstorming and testing.........especially with my quarry tile floors.

The bottom picture looks a little curvy cause that's the angle of the door frame.  Well.  It's done for now!  Maybe some very light blinds eventually.  But mostly I'm just enjoying having easy access to my window and opening it REAL WIDE!


  1. and your cat seems to like it too! I love the panthers, mine are… ORANGE and yellow. I wish you a nice day in your beautiful kitchen!

  2. Very nice. Very pretty overhead! Are drawers for art supplies or shoes as they would be in France? I get snoopy sometimes!

  3. (I just nuked my long comment, starting over...)

    LOVE it, LOVE that it's light-filled! Feels so happy like kitchens ought to feel. You did an amazing job... a BIG congratulations MP! When's brunch? I'm coming over :)

    (the jury is still out here...50/50)

  4. Une cuisine d'artiste ! Superbe.

  5. oh, this is so nice ... love the light and your WALL :)

  6. Beautiful job! The aluminium stools were definitely worth waiting for, and your art wall looks great. Your 'poufy pinboard' is very clever - nice to have a space for changing images in amongst the more permanent ones. Love your kitty's 'bench' (a nice burst of colour and practical, with lots of extra storage!) - he looks most comfy there in that bright, sunny corner (and he goes well with the 'panthers' ;)

  7. I love the art wall and the aluminium stools. Well done!