Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bergamot Station - Santa Monica

In an old tram yard.

bathed in seaside light.

A place for art.  Artists.

And arty moments.

I've posted about Hiromi Papers at Bergamot Station here.  Before.

And along those paper-y lines, an installation late last summer by Christina Kim.

Otherwise and perhaps best known as the designer/proprietress of Dosa.

An L.A. based clothing atelier with arty-south-Asian flavors.

The gift shop at this art center is small but very original.

And apparently since this is the West, there is a freewheeling assortment of exhibits

and sale rooms which encompass mid-20th century American kitsch, lots of photography,

some secret-ish actual art-making spaces, the usual galleries,

arty banks of mail boxes

to-die-for (private) arty staying spaces for optimal shmoozing and per-oo-zhing.

The funky serves as a palate cleanser.

And prelude to the fantastical and the luxe.

There is humour - more than you might see in comparable places in NYC where one takes oneself so seriously.  (Cuz if you don't who will?)

And yes did I say mid-century kitsch?  (Can't get away from it!)

Mellifluously mixed avec hmmmmm.....African funerary vessels (yes those animals)

and trenchant global satire?

Despots?  Anyone?

And Respites?  The good news is it's all always a bit of all-sorts.  A bit everywhere.

Bergamot Station will remind you.  Including the small-but-perfectly-formed Santa Monica Museum of Art.  You didn't know it existed, did you?   Check it out!


  1. Cool place. The car planted with succulents is very inspired by Flora Grubb, no ?

  2. Vraiment intéressante cette idée de la ligne de papier de Cristina Kim . En ce qui concerne ta question sur mon dernier billet à propos des pêcheries de la côte de Jade sur l'atlantique, c'est vrai que ça pourrait être une activité "Land art", en fait c'est une association du Patrimoine locale qui s'occupe d'entretenir ces pêcheries? ai-je bien répondu à ta question? Belle journée à toi, bises, béa

  3. Never knew it existed, and I would really like to see this place someday. looks like a treasure...a secret... a place that inspires. Thanks for the tour MP!

  4. Je ne connaissais pas, merci pour cette belle découverte... c'est toujours très revitalisant de passer te voir, merci pour ces billets pleins de bonnes ondes positives... toujours pluie et gris à Paris...!

  5. A wonderful looking place! The suspended Hiromi paper is very beautiful, and I do love the vertical garden (2nd pic), the car planting, and the very verdant-looking bamboo!

  6. merci pour le lien de DOSA, j'adore !!! j'y ai retrouvé les jolis textiles indiens