Sunday, January 27, 2013

Other Houses, Other 'Hoods

Another weekend, another walk.  To:  Atwater Village

a tiny little community

whose most distinguishing features might be these houses,

the fact that the "little people" who played the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz

lived, and have left a legacy here

and lately, Proof.  A delicious bakery that I posted about here.

 O.K., so how was the weekend?


  1. What unusual houses! I quite like the look of that last dark red one. Proof sounds very nice, any place that has almond croissants has a star in my book.

  2. Elles sont très originales ces maisons ! La première est ma préférée : au niveau des couleurs et de la forme des fenêtres ! Merci pour cette petite balade colorée :)

  3. Étonnantes ces maisons !!! et faites pour refléter la belle lumière... qui n'était pas de la partie ce week-end à Paris !

  4. Un WE trop gris... on devrait repeindre les immeubles de toutes les couleurs.. j'aimerai tant vivre dans un univers aussi coloré...!

  5. Vintage 1930's (?) F A B U L O U S... Love these MP. This is so California, and so abundant in LA. I could just cruise the streets and never get tired of sightseeing homes and neighborhoods!

  6. wow ... this a so colorful. i really like the first one :)