Friday, January 25, 2013

Wacko - Los Angeles

I've done a couple of wordy posts this week but for the weekend I'll just leave you with something brief.

Here's one of the best shopping options in Los Feliz (which featured in my last post).

Wacko, The Soap Plant, La Luz de Jesus Gallery are all rolled into this

wonderful space on Hollywood Boulevard.

It is a great resource for all those creative movie people.

And very life affirming for all those of us

who forever find themselves gravitating

towards a little something different.

 How's the weekend so far?  Hope it's good!


  1. I absolutely love that first shot. You can almost feel the warmth coming off the building. :-) Lovely. Especially on this rainy, rainy night in Oz. :-)

  2. I'm taking note :^)
    Happy weekend to you and Mr. Paradis!

  3. Week-end gris et pluvieux, grâce à toi je reprend des couleurs... Bonne fin de journée