Friday, January 11, 2013

Choice Chairs

What do you think?  Are you the kind of person who is inclined to fetishize inert, inanimate objects?

However sensible and wholesome you might consider yourself to be.....

could you too participate in this seemingly increasingly popular pastime?

Because yes, really.  There are those who do do it.  Make chairs into fetish objects.

Why?  Because maybe chairs lend themselves so well to being anthropomorphized.  Avatars of some part of our inner other ideas of ourselves.

OK, where are you, those people????

  Who secretly see yourselves as shiny great green lumpy things????

Where might you be found this weekend?

  Hope you're staying warm at least!

 Happy Weekend!

(Pics: top, Mlle Paradis others...sorry I've had these lying around so long, I know longer have any idea where they came from.  If any of your pictures are here - come right over and claim them!  Please!)


  1. J'adore les chaises meme si chez moi, je n'en ai pas beaucoup... Happy Weekend... encore très gris et froid à Paris...

  2. hey... i like chairs, so i enjoy just about any image on here, and the thoughts to go with it...
    i think my bumm'll be seeing alot of chairs today, as i'm lounging 'round the house, after i've plowed myself a means through a few inches of snow. at last!
    so. sunday, is looking awesome!
    {and thoroughly enjoying the switch off-break, i've gotto say. truely enjoying all that is out here, like leafing my favourite magazines..}
    much love, miss,