Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finally Los Feliz!

In the words of that old Hollywood movie heroine........

There's no place like HOME.

And if "Home" is unquestionably in Los Feliz, it might be where you need to be.  When the sun is shining....or in the rain, when half of your meal is free.....because there's nowhere else to eat but on this patio.  (No taking your plate inside.)

Unless you want to duck into the Vintage Clothing store that adjoins the restaurant and add some pizzazz to your ensemble.   You might leave thinking that you're too cool for school.  Or even too cool for HOME, now, and it's time to venture out and show yourself off a little appreciative eyes......

That would mean popping conveniently just across the street to the Alcove.  And settling in for a seriously long session of people watching.  This might be THE place to be in Los Feliz Village and if you're a girl,  to do a wide-ranging assessment of your romantic prospect-a-bilities.  Since, this being Los Feliz, you will be spoilt for choice if you are looking for a man.  In this neighborhood the "XY" to "XX" chromosome ratio is a robust 7-1.  The last time somebody counted.

I've posted pictures of housing in this 'hood here and here.....but finally

(Won a James Beard Award)

you're being clued in to where to eat.  To shop a little.

To rub shoulders with CELEBRITIES.  Little Dom's is a favorite of younger, hipper H'wood if you're keen to sneak looks at what Cameron Diaz, the Gyllenhalls, Michael Cera or Rashida Jones are dining on.  It has a very sepia styled old-school interior and embracing banquettes that you will find irresistible, along with its oyster po-boys and espresso baked alaskas.....reservations ESSENTIAL at dinner.  Any night of the week.

Neighborhood haunt.  Plain and simple.  Cocina Mexicana.

Personally, I wouldn't come here for the food.  It's just fine.  But it is in the center of all the action on this not quite but trying hard Boul'Miche flavored block......

lined with Bohemian walkups,

hipster t-shirt shops, and upstart theater companies,

retro lounges

indie bookstores, vintage cinemas

and attitudinal mashups.

Fred 62 was one of the Paradis family's very first discoveries in the new hood.  It's satisfyingly 50's diner style in a pumped up, vinyl-Barney kind of way.  But I'm talking mashups?  All the Latino waiters wear black t-shirts from Y-Que (above) proclaiming witty-ironical truths like: "Jesus is our Dishwasher", with shiny-high Latino quiffs-that-don't-quit, the waitresses in their Doc Martens, torn black stockings and black mini-skirts are channeling Madonna somewhere in the Holiday/Lucky Star 1982 era.

It is open ALL HOURS

and their vegetarian breakfast enchilada is THE BIZ!

If you're into something slightly more formal but accordingly, expensive and noisy, "Vermont" is for you.  A very Hollywood-in-2013 bar in its rear with a giant tree growing through the middle of it might be your style if you're the cocktail type.....but I can't really tell you much else about it because if I find my way to this part of the neighborhood.....

This is where I stay.

It took me awhile, but there you have it!  (Some of these pictures are a couple years old already!) 

A little - and long overdue - tour of Los Feliz Village, i.e., Vermont and Hillhurst St. from Mlle Paradis......the woman who has everything!   When she looks down her hill over this part of L.A.

I'm not really exaggerating, am I?


  1. This is the dope. I need to visit this place. It has all the ingredients I'm looking for. It must have sprung up after I left. I like it! I must see it someday! More... X

  2. Merci pour cette super visite ! C'est vraiment sympa de découvrir tout ça !

  3. La façade de Fred 62 me plait complètement, belle gamme de couleurs!

  4. le soleil, les arbres en fleurs, ... cela fait tout drôle quand ici il neige presque sans arrêt depuis 3 jours !!

  5. thank you so much for the tour ... i would love to visit one day.

    ps: i won't recommend your cat visiting my place. My dogs are NOT cat-friendly ;)