Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Spring Weekend Everybody!

So what's it going to be ham, lamb or just Easter Eggs?

We don't celebrate Easter at our house but I hope it's a happy Sunday at yours.   However you spend it. 

I realized today that it was not so much the other stuff about Easter - the chocolate, the egg decorating, the new outfits, the solemnity of "event" and anticipation at Catholic church.  Or even the Easter egg hunts -  that I loved when I was a kid.  Mostly I loved it because it was almost the first real day of spring where I was living.  When the grass was really green and lush again, and the earth was moist and opened up to the sun and you could smell it as you bent down looking for eggs and felt the sun on your neck and the top of your head.  The tree limbs had little pale green buds flocking them that shivered in the still cool breezes.

We always had ham at our house when I was growing up.  But this year, I could go for a nice lamb something with those braided shiny breads wrapped round a bright red egg that my Greek neighbors or the Portuguese ladies in Toronto would do.  (Probably I am mixing up these two traditions).  Instead I'm planning on making a sunny Easter-y yellow bouillabaisse.  If I can find any saffron in my cupboard.

Today is Earth Day too.  I will not be the first person to say that every day is Earth Day.  When we move off the planet we can call it something else.


  1. LOVE this picture, Paradis. :-) I'm basking in sunshine, so happy for spring. :-) I'll be having a BBQ with friends this weekend, and a whole lot of resting. :-)

  2. quelle image paradisiaque! bon we de pâques à toi chère miss paradise.

  3. Beautiful post. There's a lot there. Happy everything to you!

  4. Yes I agree, everyday should be Earth Day - let's rethink it people!

    Ravioli at la mama's casa. Veg for me, not veg for everyone else.

    Happy weekend MP! Enjoy xo

  5. Love the brightness of the photo!
    About easter, well I made some strawberries with "cajeta" (dulce de leche as it is called in other places) to the delight of the Caramel family. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. Oh my gosh I just saw that you walked along the Grand Union canal. My flat is in Shoreditch not far from one end of it, and my office is by Notting Hill at the other end of it. You absolutely have to stop by next time!!