Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Corner View - What's For Lunch

"It's like a Fairyland" I heard a lady sigh on leaving Petersham Nurseries.

On Monday I posted the recipe here for the Chef, Skye Gyngell's delicious chocolate mousse from her

second cookbook, My Favorite Ingredients.

I've also posted before about Petersham Nurseries here.  From a visit just about two years ago.

The Cafe at Petersham Nurseries has just received one Michelin star.

To lunch in a setting like this....

is truly like a dream.

What more could you really want?  Beautiful flowers.  A warm colorful atmosphere.

Anyone have any objections to lunching here?

Alright, shall I book us in then?

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  1. Ohhh! What a WONDERFUL place, Paradis! You have room at that corner table for me? :-)

  2. tu me fais toujours rêver avec tes photos...ce restaurant au milieu du potager, extraodinaire!!!
    merci chère miss Paradis pour ces belles images qui nous transporte, passe une belle journée

  3. Oh yes, but on a sunny day, please :)

  4. You will need a very big table for all of us, it seems!

  5. I am on my way... (in my dreams but all the same...) Thank you!

  6. Superbe la table ancienne et toutes les jolies plantes...me donne plein de regret de ne pas avoir de jardin...

  7. Wonderful surrounding for lunch!!

  8. PLace for me definitely... cant wait!

  9. Whenever the time is that I find myself in LA, let's have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner date there, okay? I want it now... :^)