Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hollywood Market Color Stories

The Hollywood Market is under threat.  It might be there for yet another 3 Sundays.  But after that, someone wants the Sunday access to their parking ramp restored.  RESULT:  Four city-block lengths of vendors with nowhere to sell their goods and at least three other farmers markets under threat.  (Since they are also managed by the Hollywood entity.)  This would never happen in Paris, would it? 

Meanwhile I could always get my vegetables and fruit (and shellfish and plants!) from elsewhere, a CSA for example. (Community Supported Agriculture.)  But that would mean having a box of vegetables I did not choose delivered to me weekly.  And hubby and I would miss having a stroll in the sunshine up and down the length of stalls, listening to the Bluegrass guys, the jazzy guys, and the grizzled Japanese folkie shouting out songs of insurrection.  No more balloon animals, Afro-mystic lavender vendors, Latino-Persian fruit and avocado purveyors, Thai-ladies-with-orchids.  No more Hollywood "downtown" fashions.  No more expresso in a paper cup.

Anybody out there doing CSA's?   Is it good enough?  Or will I just have to start doing my farmer's marketing solo, on Wednesdays?  With noone to help me carry all the bags?  Or help with the pressing decisions?  

It's a lonely prospect!  Dontcha feel for me?  And p.s. if these pictures come out AGAIN as empty rectangles with question marks in the center (like my head feels when this sort of thing happens) give me your input.  (If it's happened to you.)  So I don't have to spend an hour on blogger figuring out what happened?!

Cheers!  Happy Royal Wedding Viewing - to all those who love a spectacle and are not too proud!  (wink.)


  1. Wow! These are incredible photos! Love them all!

  2. I love your color stories ... especially the radishes story. Happy week end !!

  3. Wonderful colours (those radishes and the pussy willow & yellow apples are particularly striking!). I very much hope your market can still be saved... or is its closure in three weeks already a done deal?
    Hope you're having a great weekend!