Friday, April 15, 2011


Sent by a friend just before the recent events.........

Also, from Yoko Hayashi in Tokyo about four weeks ago now:

"Victims who had gotten a serious damage by earthquake and Tsunami,
people who join hands to help victims by making donations,
saving electricity and donating everyday goods.
We will endure and conquer any natural disaster.
However, called radioactivity, the horrible monster eats up all
bloody effort, good intentions and compassionate mind of the
people, and wrest everything from us forever and ever.
Ironically, we are unprepared for human-made disaster."

I missed the Corner View last week that was themed "Time".   This is what I would have posted.

We are one month and one week from the triple disasters in Japan.  So much has changed.  Some things have stayed the same.  Sometimes we don't or won't know which is which until long after the fact.   We are reminded that time only ever pulls us forward and we can never wind it back. 

How are you a different person than the one you knew before March 11?

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  1. unprepared for human made disaster.
    it is a harrowing expression, which rings true, so true. as a human being i oftentimes feel inadequate, realizing the ones in power will not relent, i despair.
    every disaster changes us a little bit, i feel.