Monday, April 11, 2011

WOI in the House

Hi Everybody!  I snuck off away from home last week and haven't quite stayed on top of my posts!  Thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely comments anyway - despite me playing hooky from the web world.  Home now and shortly, soon,  a RETURN TO NORMALCY.  And of course I'll fill you in on some of my adventures.  Meanwhile, hope you like a little something special to start your week:

Sooooo hmmm!!!   How many copyrights can I violate right-cheer?!  The April 2011 World of Interiors

Beth Katleman: "Folly" 2010, Porcelain "Wallpaper" Installation at the Pavilion of Art and Design in Paris 3/30 - 4/3/11

came through my door the other week.   What can I say!?

Christopher Isherwood by Don Bachardy, 1983


Ceramic by Hylton Nels, Photo by Simon Upton, home of Moira and Victor Benigson

Last year I thought - ehhhhh maybe I've seen it all!  All these piles of magazines 'round the house

Church of the Convent of Christ at Tomar, Portugal, Photo Ricardo Labougle, Architect Diego de Torralva completed in 1591.

I can't bear to throw them out, but how many MORE DO I NEED?

Alba Amicorum, of the Van Harinxma thoe Slooten family, the Netherlands, 16th c.  (Click  on it and make this picture really big and beautiful.)

Apparently a few more, cause I renewed at the end of the year and I ain't looking back!

There are some things you just can't quit.  WOI and..... Lenny Lopate.  No.  I can't quit them.

These three pictures, ceramics by Laura Carlin

So about these ceramics, do we care that she did not train as a potter, but rather as an illustrator?

Do the illustrations add a whole other dimension to this work?  Are we glad I renewed my subscription?????  No more questions!  See you soon!


  1. Lerve that ceramic artist and her drawings... i did get a quick read of this excellent edition at Borders before it...sigh...closes!
    Hope you had a lovely break...
    do we get a prize if we guess where you went correctly..?
    Mmmm...Hawaii? Singapore? France?
    I give up... wait ...New York?

  2. Love the "Alba Amicorum". Nice to have you back. You sheer me up with your blog and comments. Thank you! Things are well here...

  3. that wallpaper is amazing! I can't imagine having it in my house...I'd have to dust walpaper too. Please, no.