Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Happy Day

It's odd, isn't it?  Some of us are very much less happy for William and "Catherine" this week than we were for Charles and Diana's marriage.  Could it be simply because Diana was so pretty and luminous and the perfect embodiment of an English rose with her height and her hair and her peaches-and-cream complexion and those long eyelashes?   Kate is pretty, but she is so in kind of an ordinary, girl-next-door way.  Does this explain her less-so appeal?  Or are we all just so much older, world weary, cynical (been there, done that) that we just don't invest ourselves emotionally in people we don't know like that anymore? 

Could it be because both Charles and Diana tended to wear their hearts more on their sleeves, were more open to all of "us", were more vulnerable, and gave us greater access to their insides.  And this made us happy?  Like we could be close to the "Royals". 

William and Kate seem like quite nice young people but they have NO intention of letting ANYBODY "out here" get that close in.  We are less happy about that but it looks like, as a result of their circumspection, they have a better shot of finding their very own enduring HAPPINESS. 

Best of luck to them.  But I still don't understand why we have to buy souvenirs of their marriage!  

Steinberg and Tolkien, Kings Road

Huh, why matches you might ask?  (Oh! To light the eternal flame of L-U-V-V?)

Cath Kidston

Kate and Wills tea towel?  Because L-U-V-V can be messy?

Emma Bridgewater at a Notting Hill Charity Shop, Westbourne Grove

A mug for 20 Pounds??????  (That's about 35 dollars!)   Well the proceeds DO go to Charity.....and I have always liked the Matthew Rice illustrations for E. B. (the one on the right)..........hmmm, hmmmm

Not sure who by, but also at the Charity Shop

And finally - I think the likenesses are quite good -  the 100% percent organic cotton screen printed reusable  Will and Kate grocery totebag!  With - so thoughtful, little Corgis at the happy couple's feet!

Artist unknown

And Rob Ryan's got in on the act too?  Or, who's got a magnifying glass, is it just a RR wannabe?

Now tell me, would you?  Buy royal wedding souvenirs?  Please explain why?  And will you be watching?


  1. There is a different feeling this time around. This very topic came up around the table last night. Different set of people, and different times perhaps...

    p.s I am pretty sure that is a Rob Ryan wanna be - don't you think? :^)

  2. No, and no (in answer to the ‘would I buy souvenirs’ and ‘will I be watching’ questions :)
    The papercut-style-print has a very Rob Ryan-esque quality, doesn't it! (But it's by a designer called Ursula Hitz)

    (Unrelated to the above... Excited to hear you've been doing some papercutting. Looking forward to seeing the results here one day :)

  3. thank you experts - i knew someone out there would clear this up for me!

  4. Non...Peut-être la boite d'allumette...! Et l'on souhaite à Kate un destin moins tragique que celui de l'inoubliable Diana..!

  5. I was a little more than 10 when Charles and Diana married. (do not rememeber when). It was a sort of wonderful fairy tale at the time. I have grown older and less fariy tale addicted... or as you said more cynical ;-)

  6. souvenirs for me, but I'm one for spectacle, so I'll most likely watch. Its on very early here in CA, and I've been keeping an eye out for pubs open for the occasion (as they were for the World Cup). Mostly likely I'll be viewing from my couch with a giant delicious cup of coffee.

    I too remember watching the last royal weddings (Charles & Diana, Andrew & Sarah) with my best friend years ago. It was very exciting at the time. I remember being particularly taken with jeweled/sequined bumblebees on SF's dress.