Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday Bites - Paulette Macarons, Beverly Hills

A strange and wonderful occurrence in my part of the probably I mean,

In a non-descript corner of Little Tokyo.  More specifically, the Moori Mall aka, Little Tokyo Galleria

(at 3rd and Alameda).   Since September 2010, one has been able to find........

Paulette Macarons made by authentic French people, in Beverly Hills.  (Of all places.)  I never dreamed I would, or that I could, say that but...............  Or even, now, "Pierre Herme WHO?"  "Laduree - WH-Huh-AT!?"  But I can.

I only just discovered Paulette last month..... (Where have I been all my life?)  The macarons are as creamy, suave and fresh as those you might find at La Maison du Chocolat.  Their flavors are as haunting and seductive as at Pierre Herme.  They are colorful, elegant and tender as anything you might sample at Laduree.......

Listen my peeps:   These macarons are THE BIZ!!!!!!  I may never need to leave L.A. again.  (OH!  Oh!  MAN!  So. Good!)


  1. Ils sont aussi beaux qu'à Paris et je suppose aussi bon...très belle couleur...

  2. oh... que puis-je dire d'autre depuis l'Asie Centrale?

  3. I wish they would open a branch in NYC!!!
    we need them!

  4. oh man. i mean, oh woman!
    first i'm seeing those jelly beans (i confess, i'm addicted to), is why i don't buy them anymore. of course those beans don't stand to be mentioned next to ...
    macaron = paris = indeed suave-ty galore...
    i am in love with macarons.
    tastebuds are screaming here.