Monday, May 16, 2011

Confetti Garden

Mid Century Modern Lamp

Mr. Paradis has persuaded me that he has a short-term (hopefully) but probably very long-winded and laborious fix for my software-not-speaking-to-each-other-they'd-rather-die! moment.  So until then, I'm going around looting websites with pretty pictures.  Odd how you can find the most amazing things when you're not really looking.  And fingers crossed, they will actually last.  (I mean the pictures, here on my site.)  This dazzling pic is from Confetti Garden, a delicious colorful site that I just discovered five minutes ago.  It's mostly a tumblr site but apparently Nicole et al also have an etsy site from which this red lamp may be purchased!  Are we lucky?!


  1. What a beautiful blog is Confetti Garden! I couldn't resist following your link, and found myself entering a world of perfection and inspiration, almost other-worldly! Thank you for the link! Love Vanessa xxx

  2. I love love this photo! And the previous post... always adore your culinary detours! I hope your softwares are in better terms... Stay patient.

  3. what a treat! i just stumbled upon your lovely blog and found my photo. thank you so very much for the love! you have made my weekend! your readers are so sweet too, just like you. cheers! oxo Nicole