Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monday Bites - Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen

Do you like Thai food?

Do you think you would like vegetarian versions of it?  If the answer to both is yes, you will not be disappointed.  Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen.  Click the link!  This is a huge favorite of Silver Lakers (and the Paradis household).

If you don't live close by, maybe this will inspire do interesting things with tofu.


  1. Miam, cela me donne envie...c'est très appétissant, surtout j'aime beaucoup ce type de cuisine... Bonne journée

  2. all i can say my friend is ... I want to live around the corner form things like this!
    Delish! How's your garden growing by the way?
    S x

  3. Funny! We both did a post with Thai food on the same day... Yes to spices and lovely colors. Have a lovely week.

  4. Thai yes, tofu no...unless it is drenched in delicious sauce which this looks to be. So change my mind... "yes" to everything above :^)

  5. njom, njom...! (and i've just eaten!)...