Monday, May 16, 2011

We Interrupt This Program.........with a GiveAway Winner

Hello everybody!   This week already I'm having a hard time getting Blogger and I-Photo to play well together so working on this.....Meanwhile can't upload photos.  It's always something!

I AM HAPPY to announce the giveaway winner from last Friday who was chosen by Mr. Paradis in a thoroughly scientific and highly controlled-for-error selection process.  It is Janis (and if you don't know her lovely blog already you should check it out!)   Thanks to all the other lovely friends of Passage Paradis who left comments and reminder:  MORE GIVEAWAYS AHEAD!

Janis - get in touch with me with your home address!  You know where I am.

More pictures soon, in the meantime, I'll be doing re-posts of old P.P. favorites.

See you!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh, I feel so luck! Thank you MP! I love that shot and will treasure it forever... Did you know it's perfect timing? All my roses that I dug up and moved from the old place are being eaten by deer! Deer... I had no idea. Thank you again dear MP - XO!

    Looking forward to seeing your shop open too :^)