Monday, May 23, 2011


Quizas?  It means "maybe" in Spanish - in my mangled idea of that language, quite literally, "Who knows?"

When I was a very very small child in a cold, colorless place, a friend of my Mom's came to visit us.  She put a two Franc coin into my hand and five Francs into my sister's, then she went away again.  I knew her mostly in my life as someone who WENT PLACES.  And came back from beautiful adventures with stories to tell.  I would wake up in the mornings of those visits with her gazing gently down on me.

When I grew up, I married this guy.  And told him I wanted to go places with him.  (Not those kind of "PLACES", but P-L-A-C-E-S,  I meant.)

 "Oh, I'm not so sure." he said. "Too many foreigners!!!!!".

But that was a long time ago.  And meanwhile, it seems, to love someone is to change, and be changed.  

Each one a little.

Now that guy is happy to stand where others have stood, and in their shoes even.

Palermo Soho

To see the things that they have seen.

To embrace a life that's shifted coloration.  And adopts a different tempo.

It is a blessing.

to imagine ourselves in a different time.


Dancing a different dance.  And playing other games.   

So where have we gotten to this time????   Can you guess?  Have you ever been?  (We had a lovely visit.)

How did I get to be so lucky?  To find myself inside this wonderful adventure.  Was it wishing it that made it so?

Or was this just the way it was meant to be?  From the time that a two Franc coin was dropped into my hand?

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas?  (Click for a love song.)


  1. LOVE the photos! You are such a lucky girl to travel like you do. It starts with coins, energy, imagination. That's you... and it's beautiful.

    p.s. psst - your "labels" gives the location away ;^)

  2. Les photos sont très belles...Merci pour le dépaysement...!

  3. looks lovely! great to travel. i read Rolf Potts book Vagabonding some years inspired me so much. I travel every year some months. hugs

  4. Gorgeous post ... oh I am charmed to bits... thank you for a little day dreaming MP.
    Is it Cuba? South America somewhere?I dont know ... but I want to walk there for a little while... so thank you for taking us too.
    S x

  5. seriously.... i dunno. you've moved? to a hispanic country? oh la la!
    ha ha!!!! thank you, janis!!!
    are you in buenos aires?
    to stay?
    have traveled?
    LUCKY GAL!!!!!

  6. Buenos Aires is really on my to-visit list ... one day :)