Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Corner View - By the Sea

Whenever I miss my old life by the sea........

and I can't get back there in person.......


this is what I turn to:

Not-your-usual airline magazine:  Hana Hou, the magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.  It let's you get up close and personal with the sun and the sea and all the simplest, best parts of nature that a person could find in the Islands of Hawaii. You can check it out online here.   You can find whole articles on the site and yes, more beautiful pictures.  

Ever thought of surfing with your buddy?  These guys make it look so easy!

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  1. Haha, this are funny photos.:)

  2. Quite unusual, indeed. Here in Paris, there is a shop sellingsuch glasses for dogs and I always wondered if someone would buy them… it seems so. Have a nice day!

  3. OH... missing beach, ocean, water, swimming.. ...I can relate to that Mlle P!

    My one time in Hawaii and what did I do...stay 20 hours on a transit flight and only later did I realise how dumb that was... I was young(ish)!

    and thank you for bring much needed enthusiasm into my tentative daydreaming /efforts to get dream hatched ... Im a scaredy cat really... think if you dont tell anyone till you're on the plane the wheels wont fall off... trouble is then you dont get inspired and prodded by others to make ones hoped for goal happen!
    a hug from a tired dreamer!
    S x

  4. actua-lly. no! not with my body. i'm missing that gene, i'm sure... ha ha ha....

  5. ha, never tried this, even not without my buddy...always thought it looked very cool, but I'm sure I wouldn't stay there for long! ;o) And my buddy...I bet she would jump into the water instead and swim for something to retrieve to the beach, she's crazy on retrieving!
    but: I would LOVE to visit Hawaii, this is for sure!!

  6. Oh you must miss the warmth, and clean blue waves of Hawaii. I remember coming back to CA after my first trip to Hawaii...my view of the ocean changed. I wanted to take the next flight back to Hawaii :^)

  7. These are wonderful! I love to come here, I always click your blog with a smile on my face then I laugh when I see your posts and comments. Such joy and wonderful colors on these shots... I miss the see. Have you realized how landlocked I am????

  8. Very cute! The last time I was in Hawaii I saw a bulldog wearing a lei. I wish I had taken a photo because it was so cute

  9. Super ! One more time ! ;)

  10. ;-) i can guess you miss it
    happy day

  11. oh, great pics. thanks for the link.