Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Purple Haze - In the Time of the Jacarandas

Before their amazing blossom goes away again......I want to share with you what my neighborhood looks like in this month of May when the jacarandas are blooming.

They are one of L.A.'s great glories.  That you will not hear about in Hollywood red carpet reports.

They line whole streets.

  Or, you will glimpse them through other trees.  They are almost most beautiful on gray days.

When they turn the landscape into something utterly magical.


  1. its funny, as i was about to write my comment, i hadn't finished reading your post, too excited by the image of one of my favorite trees, and about to write the words magical. but you beat me to it. so true though.

  2. Only one picture is uploading for me, and I see some amazing purple blossoms!

  3. Oh... a little tech problem downloading some pics...
    LOVE jacarandas MP... grew up in a country town that holds a festival every November to celebrate them .. our november is your May.... southern hemisphere.
    loved your comment..
    S xo

  4. Un arbre magique... et magnifique, que je n'ai pas la chance de pouvoir contempler ici ! Aussi, merci.

  5. Yes indeed magnificent! Mexico City is the same in May and Sana'a (Yemen) as well... Beautiful!