Monday, May 2, 2011

Gems and Skulls at Butler and Wilson, London

So with all the recent royal rah-rah going on.......I was reminded that Butler and Wilson was a favorite place of Diana's to shop for cheerful and cheering costume jewelry.   Was she wrong about the "cheering" part?

It's always been a favorite of mine, for London visits.  Always thought it would be my shop of choice if I were shopping for TIARAS, for example.  But a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y.......I've never been inside of it.

The window shopping at Butler and Wilson seems a quite adequate activity because, c'mon, really, once you step inside.....where would it stop!!!!?????  How MANY tiaras would I be at serious risk of coming out with?  (I think you all already know me and my magpie inclinations.)

On another subject, I've just been reading the Keith Richards biography.  WHY?  You may ask.  Well, I don't know it just seemed like something that one should do.  Not that I read so much anymore.  And when people ask me why (I don't read).....I might have mentioned that reading is like taking heroin for me.   I neglect EVERYTHING else when I'm in a book.  And that's not very responsible behavior.  So that might be one reason I had to read Keith's book?  To be reminded how very very irresponsible I could be, i.e., Heroin addict = Heroin addict.  Whatever form that heroin takes.

So when I took these pictures, I was thinking that this skull business had to be very Damien Hirst derived.  But when you think of it, and look at the cover of Keith's book - well!!!!  Keith really did get there first did he not?  And not to mention a whole country not too far from L.A. whose papier mache and sugar skulls I actually prefer to Damien's and Keith's.

In closing I would only add that the very LAST picture seems to be the ultimate expression of my inner garish seven-year-old.  Just imagine me in pink tights and tutu and that junky jewel encrusted handbag and matching tiara.  (Of course.)   And my Mom's lipstick rubbed into circles on my cheeks.

Know anyone else who might wear such an outfit?  And, just asking, how's the week so far?

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  1. Pas facile à porter tous les jours...le sac à main tête de mort est super...! Bonne journée